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Pet/Fiber Alpacas--Package of 3
While Available-- A group of our Pet/Fiber Male Alpacas. Our experience is that the best dynamic for such a group consists of 3 or more animals. We therefore are offering a package price of $650 for your 3 favorites from this group.
Alpacas included in Pet/Fiber Alpacas--Package of 3:
AAR Bradford's Freedom
light fawn
AAR Normandy's Splinter
dark brown
AAR Reverb's Winston

Female Pet/Fiber Alpacas
Package of 3 Female Pet/Fiber Alpacas -- $550
Alpacas included in Female Pet/Fiber Alpacas:



Acorn Alpaca Ranch
Millis Massachusetts

Bob & Louise Hebeler
Phone: (508) 376-4566
Fax: (508) 376-4575
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